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Application for Leave (假期申請表)

Application for Medical Allowance (醫療津貼申請表)

Application for Training Sponsorship (培訓及教育資助申請表)

Business Travel Allowance

Car Incident Form (車輛意外及損壞報告)

Disposal Form (報銷申請表格)

Exit Interview Record

Job Application Form

Job Description

Job Requisition

Overtime Claim Form (超時工作申報表)

Personal Particular Form

Position Change/ Salary Review

Probationary Performance Appraisal

Reference Check Form (工作記錄查詢表格)

Report Form for Gifts (饋贈禮物申報表)

Form for Declaration of COI (利益衝突申報表年度)

Staff Annual Appraisal Report (工作表現評核表)

Staff Record Update Form (個人資料變更通知表)

Staff Requistion Form

Medical Insurance Claims Form - Hospitalization & Surgical (住院及手術)

Medical Insurance Claims Form - Outpatient (門診)


Staff Referral Program Form (僱員轉計劃登記表)


Information System Session

Work Order/Services Record


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